Inspire Me Imagery {Alternative Wedding Photography Studio}
Inspire Me Imagery is here to provide couples a unique, organic, and artistic alternative to traditional wedding photography.
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Learn about the philosophy behind Inspire Me Imagery and its creative wedding photographers. We offer artistic wedding photography in NJ, NY, PA and beyond.

Bride adjusting her wedding veil

We are what we are. Inspire Me Imagery was built around that exact expression. 

You could sit there and read all about our story and how we got to the point we're at now, but this isn't about us personally.  This is about wedding photography and why we do things the way we do. We started this company with the intent on doing things our way and not following the trends.

We stay true to our beliefs that you are a person, not a number.

    Inspire Me Imagery is here to offer couples an organic and artistically creative alternative to traditional wedding photographers.

We are here to offer you the most organic and openly creative wedding photography. The goal is to impress ourselves when we are photographing your wedding. This isn’t about how many brides we can book or how many sales we can make this month. This is about “how do I give next week’s bride something new? What new shots do I want to try capturing? How can I make her  wedding photos stand out from her friend’s wedding photos?” We work to give our bride’s something that we love ourselves. We love doing what we do! This is not a job for us. This is a passion.

We are an open book for you to read. Photographer first, business second. It’s as simple as that. We are a young company giving brides a service we would want for ourselves. No pushy sales people, no internet stalking, e-mail bombing, or constant phone calls. We are Inspire Me Imagery and we simply love what we do. 

A happy bride and groom doing their first dance.