This is not a job ... it's our passion
Inspire Me Imagery is here to provide couples a unique, organic, and artistic alternative to traditional wedding photography.

Trash - The Collective

    John and Maria are Inspire Me Imagery's head photographers, and take a limited number of bookings each year to ensure they can devote themselves fully to each couple and their personal needs. Over the years, John and Maria have developed professional relationships with incredible photographers from around the state who now photograph as part of the Inspire Me Collective. Not only does this excellent collective of artists photograph in the same style, but they also believe in the same photographic values.

    Every Inspire Me Collective photographer is vetted by Maria and John. We ensure they have the skills and passion needed to create beautiful images for our clients in the way our clients expect from Inspire Me Imagery: unobtrusive and relaxed to ensure the best experience on your wedding day. You can rest easy knowing that you have an experienced and talented photographer working for you on your most important day. We do not negotiate on our style, and we strive to be true to ourselves and bring our clients exactly what they expect from Inspire Me Imagery.

We welcome you to check out the portfolios of the Inspire Me Collective photographers through the links below!

"We strive to bring every client something they will feel all over again when they go back and look at their wedding photos years after the wedding day"