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Mountain Lakes House in Princeton, NJ: The Wedding of Apollonia and Idir

When I stepped through the front door of the Mountain Lakes House, everything smelled of flowers and I knew it was going to be an incredible day. Here's our sneak peek of yesterday's beautiful wedding at the Mountain Lakes House!


Why did you choose the ceremony and reception locations?

We wanted something close to Princeton, close to nature, and has an intimate setting. Mountain Lakes House meets our criteria!

What are you most looking forward to?

We can’t wait to celebrate this very special and intimate moment of tying the knot with each other in front of our loved ones. As for me, I’m so excited to wear my wedding gown and be a princess!!


What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?

I combined my love for soft romantic bohemian vibes with modern geogetric metal designs as the theme of my wedding decorations. I knew very clearly what styles I wanted and my future mother-in-law helped me realize those visions!


What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Being able to collaborate with family and friends makes me feel very blessed. Of course, wedding gown fittings were fun for the bride!

What was the worst part of the planning process?

Working, moving to a new city and planning a wedding at the same time is certainly stressful!


What is your ceremony music?

Professional music: Across the Stars from Star Wars, as we are both fascinated by the movies and the universe in general, as well S the fact that how slim the chances are for us to meet and fall in love with each other in this big wild cosmos.

How did you go about planning your ceremony?

Idir’s mother helped out a lot - she is our wedding planner! We added many personal touches to the details of the wedding to reflect our identities.

Who is your officiant? How did you choose him/her?

The Princeton mayor Liz Lempert agreed to officiate our wedding when Idir’s mother ran into her at an event! We are thrilled to have her!


Describe your ceremony in three words:

Romantic, intimate, real


Are you including any traditions / religious rights in your wedding?

We will say our vows in three languages (Chinese, French, and English) to reflect the diversity of our cultural backgrounds.


What food are you most looking forward to on the wedding reception menu?

We are both very passionate about advocating for the benefits of a plant-based diet and eco-friendly lifestyles. We would like to present our guests with delicious and beautiful vegan buffet, wedding cake, and desserts!!

Tell us about the cake!!

The vegan wedding cake is from the NYC’s hippy bakery Cinnamon Snail. The flavor is lemon curd for a refreshing summer bite.

What is the first dance song? Father/daughter or mother/son dance?

First dance: Love Changes Everything Father-daughter and mother-son dance at the same time: Sunrise Sunset (the lyrics are beautiful!!)

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