Inspire Me Imagery {Alternative Wedding Photography Studio}
Inspire Me Imagery is here to provide couples a unique, organic, and artistic alternative to traditional wedding photography.


This is where couples submit their timelines for the wedding day a week or so before the party. This helps us organize the wedding photography schedule.

We hope this timeline will help you map out your wedding day. Most of our clients have never planned a wedding before, and we know it can be overwhelming. Hopefully this timeline will help you feel like you’ve got all your details wrapped up!
This submission form is for Inspire Me Imagery couples to use before their wedding day to finalize all the details.

We use this to make sure that we have the proper addresses and details we need. Please feel free to call us with any questions! Upon receiving your timeline, we will call you to go over everything and make sure your wedding day will flow smoothly! 

Client Info
Who should we call on the wedding day if we need to get in touch with someone?
Start Times & Locations
Where do you plan on getting ready?
What time should you have your photographer start? Usually we like to arrive about an hour before you plan to get dressed. This is where we make sure to take all the detail shots of everything you plan on wearing, shots of you and your friends, as well as a few formals of you once you're dressed and ready to go!
If you're having a second shooter, we recommend having them arrive to Partner #2's location about an hour before the first look takes place.
If so, please tell us who and when.
We ask this so we know what is important to you. We don't want to spend 10 minutes working on a great shoe shot when what you really care about is an heirloom piece! Example: Dress / suit on hanger, shoes, specific pieces of jewelry, invitations, flowers, wedding rings, wedding rings with engagement ring(s)
First Look /Formal Session Times & Locations
Having a first look? Where would you like to do it, and what time? Do you want to be alone or have the wedding party witness it?
If you plan on going to do your formal photos somewhere other than the reception venue, please list the location name and address here
How many people are in your wedding party? Please tell us the names of best men and maids / matrons of honor.
Please tell us where the family portraits will take place (if the location is different from wedding party portraits) and list the shots you'd like to get below. It's extra helpful if you can use the names of the people in the photos! For example: B&G with bride's parents and siblings - Bob, Karen, Sam, Dana B&G with both immediate families - Bob, Karen, Sam, Dana, Greg, Sharon, Matt, Peter B&G with groom's parents and siblings - Greg, Sharon, Matt, Peter
Ceremony Info
Will there be a sand ceremony, Unity Candle, or anything you plan to add to your ceremony beyond ring exchange and vows?
Cocktail & Reception
Please tell us about any special moments you might be planning during the reception. Example: Sparkler send off dancing on the clouds snow machine etc.
If so, keep the sunset time in mind when planning the toasts / dinner times. Heading outside about 30 minutes (depending on trees / buildings) before actual sunset will be perfect!
It's nice to incorporate some things that make you who you are. Using personal items as props add a special flair to your wedding photos. Anything you can think of that you would like photos of you with? (example: are you into music? maybe your favorite album or an instrument. Perhaps a family heirloom. Something of your partner's that you might like to incorporate into your wedding photos.) Anything can be used as a prop for your wedding images! Little details are the best! ex: your necklace was your great grandmother’s that she wore on her wedding day! When we know these details, we can make sure that we capture everything that has sentimental value to you!
This information is important in the event of an emergency on the wedding day, and it is also needed if your wedding is submitted for publication (magazines or blogs). When submitting to any publication, they will need all of your vendor information. Please complete whatever information applies to your wedding!
Custom accessories, wedding party gifts, invitations, or jewelry? Amazing local baker for your wedding wedding cake? Bespoke suits or handmade wedding gown? Tell us all about who you used here!